Top five volunteering facts

Top five volunteering facts

Millions of people volunteer each year – but how many of our top five volunteering facts do you know?

Think you know about volunteering? Check out our top five volunteering facts and test your knowledge.


A team of millions

11.9 million people formally volunteered once a month during 2016/17 according to the UK Civil Society Almanac 2018. That is around a fifth of the UK population.

An incredible contribution to society!


Young people are ready to give

According to the 2017 National Youth Social Action Survey, 58% of young people took part in some form of social action during that year.

There is a real appetite among the younger generations to do more, with more than two thirds also saying they were likely to part in the future.


Together everyone achieves more

One of the great benefits of volunteering is that it brings people together. Getting behind a common goal and can really unite people. In fact, around one in five people say they started volunteering to meet people or make friends.

The act of volunteering is actually helping to tackle one of society’s biggest issues – loneliness and social isolation.

More than two thirds of volunteers (68%) say volunteering helps them feel less isolated. That figure goes up to over three quarters for people aged 18-36.


Doing good does you good

Doing good is contagious! Evidence and research has shown that helping others can be beneficial to our own mental health and wellbeing.

According to the Mental Health Foundation getting involved in activities such as volunteering, mentoring and even random acts of kindness can improve our emotional wellbeing, help reduce stress and may even increase how long we live!


A dedicated week

Did you know that Volunteers Week takes place every year from 1st – 7th June?

It is the ideal time to say ‘thank you’ to those who give their time to help others with celebration events taking place nationwide. 


The ultimate volunteering event

Okay, so we’ve bent the rules a little bit and added a sixth!

That’s because the new, national event to unite volunteers, organisations and the charity sector is landing in May 2020. And it’s completely free!

Volunteer Expo will take place from 1st – 3rd May 2020 at the NEC, Birmingham.

With hundreds of exhibitors, engaging and informative seminars and workshops, as well as on-site volunteering activities, this is the place to find a way of giving back that works for you.

Registration is opening soon.