Partner with us

Explore a variety of partnership opportunities to maximise your exposure.

Maximise your exposure.

Put your brand at the forefront of an event bringing people together and making a positive change to society.

Why partner with us?

Connect with your audience
Partnering with Volunteer Expo Live is a great way of increasing your brand awareness, generating consumer preference and growing brand loyalty.
Show your social conscience
What better way to communicate your values than partnering with an event that matches the values of your customers.
Enhance your reputation by showing you’re an organisation who cares.
Be part of society's recovery
It has been an incredibly different, difficult and strange few years for everyone. Now is an opportunity for society to recalibrate, recover and rebuild. Help us come on that journey.

Partnership Packages

Volunteer Expo Live offers a range of partnership opportunities to suit your requirements, aims and budget and give you the exposure you’re looking for across both days of the event.
From our main auditorium, through to Workshop Hub and Learning Zones, there are plenty of places to be seen and heard.
If you’re interested in finding out more about partnership opportunities, let us know and we’d be happy to discuss our various packages with you.