Exhibitor Spotlight

Exhibitor Spotlight: The Salvation Army

Exhibitor Spotlight: The Salvation Army

In this Exhibitor Spotlight, we take a look at how The Salvation Army’s commitment to protecting victims of slavery continues almost 150 years on.

The Salvation Army has been protecting and caring for victims of slavery since our early beginnings in the 1880’s. Our Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery Unit focuses on preventing Modern Slavery and the trafficking of people; protecting individuals on their journey from victim to survivor and ensuring that in doing so, we progress the survivors’ journey to sustained freedom.

We are passionate about supporting victims and survivors of modern slavery and cannot do this without the help of our skilled volunteers. Volunteers are extremely important to The Salvation Army so we offer a mixture of face-to-face and online training prior to working with survivors and we also offer ongoing debrief support sessions, professional development and refresher training.

Our CONNECT volunteers can be mentors or support a weekly drop-in. The service offers practical and holistic support including issues with housing and benefits; access to education and language courses or access to other local services, as well as providing practical activities and educational workshops.

We cannot do this without the help of our skilled volunteers.”

During the pandemic we have had to adapt the way that we delivered our programme. Face-to-face meetings were no longer an option but moving into the digital and virtual world ensured that survivors could still access the much-needed service. We were able to secure mobile phones which were a lifeline for the survivors.

Clients accessing the programme expresses their gratitude to the volunteers who supported them through the pandemic. Here are just a couple of examples:

“I am so happy and joyful when I speak to you. Everything is good. Thank you for your help. Before I did not have anyone to speak to. Now, I always look forward to the calls and sit waiting for my phone to ring. I also love the parcels I have received with the colouring pages and pencil. Thank you again!”

“I greatly acknowledge the job done by our wonderful volunteers who have really made me indeed feel my existence. With them, I feel the humanity in me. They make me feel at home. In this situation of social distancing. I feel spiritually near them. I know that they have me at heart because whenever they call, they ask if I need anything. I am so proud of you.”

One of our valued volunteers explained how she personally witnessed “how small things can make a big difference, how she developed herself and how she celebrated the small victories and had fun whilst volunteering on the CONNECT Programme”.

Another of our amazing volunteers said, “I love that the focus of the CONNECT programme I volunteer for is about championing people”. Abi continues, “It is a joy to be part of a team that shares similar passions and has a pragmatic hands-on approach to coming alongside people.”

I love that the focus of the CONNECT programme I volunteer for is about championing people”

We would like to thank all our volunteers, who work with victims and survivors of modern slavery for their courage, compassion and hard work – we could not be able to carry out our vital work without you.

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